Investor Relations

Notice Under Para.5 of Category 1 of Schedule C to ASIC

Back Jun 16, 2003
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2003-06-16  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

Q Multimedium Limited (ABN 13 083 160 909) (QMM) previously announced
the issue of ordinary shares pursuant to a placement to investors to
whom Section 708 of the Corporations Act 2001 applies.

This announcement is provided for the purpose of confirming with ASX
the satisfaction by QMM of all requirements un0
der paragraph 5 of
Category 1 of Schedule C to Class Order 02/1180 (CO 02/1180).

For the purpose of paragraph 5 of Category 1 of Schedule C to 
CO 02/1180, QMM confirms that all information of the kind that would
be required to be disclosed under subsection 713(5) if a prospectus
were to be issued in reliance on section 713 in relation to an offer
of ordinary shares in QMM has been disclosed to ASX.

D J Berinson