Investor Relations

Change of Director`s Interest Notice

Back Aug 06, 2002
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2002-08-06  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         


   Name of Company          Q Multimedium Limited

   ABN                      13 083 160 909

We (the entity) give the ASX the following information under listing
rule 3.19A.2 and as agent for the director for the purposes of section
205G of the Corporations Act.
   Name of Director         Adrian Paull Risch

   Date of last notice      04/01/2002

Part 1 - Change of director's relevant interests in securities

Direct or indirect interest             Direct                   

Nature of indirect interest
(including registered holder)           -                        

Date of change                          07/08/2002

No. of securities held prior
to change                              
Fully Paid Ordinary Shares              12,021,000               
Options                                  5,000,000

Class                                   Ordinary shares          

Number Acquired                            Nil

Number disposed                         600,000

Value/consideration                     $0.04 per share          

No. of securities held after
Fully Paid Ordinary Shares              11,421,000               
Options                                 5,000,000

Nature of change                        Off-market trade         

Part 2 - Change of director's relevant interests in contracts

Detail of contract                      Nil                      

Nature of direct interest               -                        

Name of registered holder
(if issued securities)                  -                        

Date of change                          -

No. and class of securities to which
interest related prior to change        -                        

Interest Acquired                       -                        

Interest disposed                       -                        

Value/consideration                     -                        

Interest after change                   -                                                                                                                                                                                                              1