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Appendix 3B - Incentive Option Scheme

Back Jun 14, 2002
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2002-06-14  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

                             APPENDIX 3B
                        NEW ISSUE ANNOUNCEMENT


Information or documents not available now must be given to ASX as
soon as available.  Information and documents given to ASX become
ASX's property and may be made public.

Introduced 1/7/96. Origin Appendix 5. Amended 1/7/98, 1/9/99,

Name of Entity
Q Multimedium Limited

13 083 160 909

We (the entity) give ASX the following information.

You must complete the relevant sections (attach sheets if
there is not enough space).

1. Class of securities issued          Options to acquire shares under
   or to be issued                     the Q Multimedium Limited
                                       Incentive Option Scheme
2. Number of securities issued         1,700,000
   or to be issued (if known)                                       
   or maximum number which                                          
   may be issued                                                    

3. Principal terms of the securities   Issue to an offer to acquire
   (eg, if options, exercise price     1,700,000 options to subscribe
   and expiry date; if partly paid     for an equivalent number of
   securities, the amount              ordinary shares in the capital
   outstanding and due dates for       of the Company.
   payment; if convertible securities,                              
   the conversion price and dates      The term of the options is
   for conversion)                     three years and the exercise
                                       price is $0.15 each.
                                       1/3rd of the options will vest
                                       in the employee on the date of
                                       issue. 1/3rd of the options
                                       will vest in the employee on
                                       the first anniversary of the
                                       date of issue. 1/3rd of the
                                       options will vest in the
                                       Employee on the second
                                       anniversary of the date of
                                       Subject to the rules of the
                                       Scheme, if the number of
                                       Options issued, or any part
                                       thereof, are not exercised on
                                       or before their date of expiry,
                                       being the date three (3)
                                       years after the date of issue,
                                       the Options not exercised will
                                       be forfeited.

4. Do the securities rank equally      Yes
   in all respects from the date                                    
   of allotment with an existing                                    
   class of quoted securities                                       

   If the additional securities                                     
   do not rank equally, please                                      
   * the date from which they do                                    
   * the extent to which they                                       
     participate for the next                                       
     dividend, (in the case of                                      
     a trust, distribution) or                                      
     interest payment                                               
   * the extent to which they do                                    
     not rank equally, other than                                   
     in relation to the next                                        
     dividend, distribution or                                      
     interest payment                                               

5. Issue price or consideration        Nil

6. Purpose of the issue (if            Issue of Options under the
   issued as consideration for         Q Multimedium Limited
   the acquisition of assets,          Incentive Option Scheme
   clearly identify those                                           

7. Dates of entering securities        N/A
   into uncertified holdings                                        
   or despatch of certificates                                      
                                      NUMBER  CLASS
8. Number and class of all       116,402,130  Ordinary Shares
   securities quoted on           16,998,250  Options
   ASX (including the                                               
   securities in clause                                             
   2 if applicable)                                                 

                                      NUMBER  CLASS
9. Number and class of all         8,940,000  Options (director and
   securities not quoted                      employee Options)
   on ASX (including the                                            
   securities in clause 2                                           
   if applicable)                                                   

10.Dividend policy (in the case        There is no change to that
   of a trust, distribution            which is set out in the
   policy) on the increased            Prospectus of the Company
   capital (interests)                 dated 11/11/1999.


Items 11 to 33 are Not Applicable

You need only complete this section if you are applying for quotation
of securities

    Items 34 to 37 are Not Applicable

    Entities that have Ticked Box 34 (b)

    Items 38 to 42 are Not Applicable



43. Payment method (tick one)

       Cheque attached

       Electronic payment made
       Note: Payment may be made electronically if Appendix 3B is 
             given to ASX electronically at the same time.
       Periodic payment as agreed with the home branch has been 
       Note: Arrangements can be made for employee incentive 
             schemes that involve frequent issues of securities.


1.  Quotation of our additional securities is in ASX's absolute 
    discretion. ASX may quote the securities on any conditions it 

2.  We warrant the following to ASX.

    *   The issue of the securities to be quoted complies with the
        complies with the law and is not for an illegal purpose.

    *   There is no reason why those securities should not be granted

    *   An offer of the securities for sale within 12 months after 
        their issue will not require disclosure under section 707(3)
        or section 1012C(6) of the Corporations Act.

    *   Section 724 or section 1016E of the Corporations Act does not
        apply to any applications received by us in relation to any 
        securities to be quoted and that no-one has any right to 
        return any securities to be quoted under sections 737, 738 or
        1016F of the Corporations Act at the time that we request that 
        the securities be quoted.

    *   We warrant that if confirmation is required under section 
        1017F of the Corporations Act in relation to the securities to 
        be quoted, it has been provided at the time that we request
        that the securities be quoted.

    *   If we are a trust, we warrant that no person has the right to 
        return the securities to be quoted under section 1019B of the 
        Corporations Act at the time that we request that the 
        securities be quoted.
3.  We will indemnify ASX to the fullest extent permitted by law in
    respect of any claim, action or expense arising from or connected
    with any breach of the warranties in this agreement.

4.  We give ASX the information and documents required by this form.
    If any information or document not available now, will give it to
    ASX before quotation of the securities begins. We acknowledge that
    ASX is relying on the information and documents. We warrant that
    they are (will be) true and complete.

D J Berinson