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I-mode to be Launched in US Wireless Market

Back Mar 26, 2002
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2002-03-26  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

NTT DoCoMo's president Keiji Tachikawa recently announced at the
CTIA Conference in Orlando, Florida that they plan to offer their
i-mode service to US consumers during the second half of 2002.

NTT Docomo currently owns part of AT&T Wireless and is expected to
partner with them on the US version of i-mode.

Q Multimedium Limited (ASX: QMM) subsidiary Jumbuck Corporation Ltd
is likely to be affected by i-mode's introduction, a service which
currently has over 27 million subscribers in Japan.

The popularity of i-mode among consumers in Japan, if emulated in the
US, will boost the adoption of wireless internet handsets and
increase content-provider revenues from the introduction of Pay-
Per-Use billing models. Other US mobile operators have announced
their own 3G strategies and demand for premium 3G wireless content is
likely to increase over the next 12 months. Jumbuck is well
positioned to take advantage on the increased demand for wireless
content in the US market.

About Jumbuck Corporation Ltd:

Jumbuck, based in Melbourne Australia, is one of the world's leading
suppliers of Mobile Chat to wireless carriers with WAP-based and 3G
networks, with more than 20 million airtime minutes generated each
month on client networks.

Jumbuck supplies wireless carriers and media companies including
Sprint PCS, MMo2's Genie Internet, Genie Netherlands, Digifone,
Telstra and StarHub. Jumbuck is 100% owned by listed media company Q
Multimedium Limited.

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