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Response to ASX Query re:Appendix 4C

Back Nov 06, 2001
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Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2001-11-06  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         


Thank you for your letter dated 1 November 2001.

In reply to the matters set out in your letter, Q multimedium Limited
("the Company") responds as follows in the sequence of your letter:

1. As at 30 September 200l, the Company had a positive working
capital position of $380,000 and an unused bank overdraft limit of
$300,000. As stated in the Notes to the Company's Appendix 4C for the
quarter ended 30 September 2001, the Company installed and
commissioned a Heidelberg Speedmaster Colour Offset Press.
Commissioning of the Press was not completed until early October 2001
and this had an affect on costs and revenue during the commissioning

In addition, during September and October, a further annual saving of
$385,825 was identified and introduced, and approximately $120,000
per annum of further cost savings is to be introduced in November.

2. As requested, attached is our budgeted cash flows for the period
to 30 June 2002 showing that the Company expects to operate within
its financial facilities.

3. The Company has not previously advised ASX of anticipated revenues
and expenses for this reporting period.

4. As advised in 3 above, the Company has not previously advised ASX
of anticipated revenues for this reporting period.

D J Bernison