Investor Relations

Section 205G Notice - Director`s Interests

Back Oct 10, 2001
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2001-10-10  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

Section 205G of the Corporations Law


   Name of Director       Paul Gerard Choiselat

   Name of Company        Q Multimedium Limited 

   Date of Last 
   Notification to ASX    04/10/2001

   Date Director's 
   Interest Changed       09/10/2001

I have a relevant interest in the following securities of the 
company or related bodies corporate:  

Type of security:                   Ordinary Shares
                                    Options April 2003

                               As at 04/01/01      As at 09/10/01
                                 Number of          Number of
Number of securities:          Shares  Options    Shares   Options

Beconwood Securities Pty Ltd 
 - No 3                      338,391  1,488,391    338,391 1,488,391
Beconwood Superannuation
 Pty Ltd - CSF             4,216,500    854,000  4,229,000   856,500
Beconwood Superannuation
 Pty Ltd - WSF                 3,303  3,248,358      3,303 3,248,358

                           4,558,194  5,590,749  4,570,694 5,593,249
                           * Net increase is as a result of On Market
                             purchase of 12,500 shares and 2,500 

I have an interest in the following contracts to which I am entitled
to a benefit that confers a right to call for or deliver shares in, 
debentures of, interests in a collective investment scheme made 
available by, the company or a body corporate:


DATE: 10/10/2001