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Results of Meeting

Back Aug 22, 2001
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2001-08-22  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

In accordance with Listing Rule 3.13.2, the Directors advise that
the two resolutions put to the company's shareholders as per the
Notice of General Meeting and Explanatory Statement announced to the
ASX on 19 July 2001 were carried out at the General Meeting of the
Company held on 22 August 2001.

The resolutions carried approve:

1. The re appointment of Mr Paul Choiselat as a Director of the
company (passed without amendment).

2. Allotment and Issue of Shares and Options (passed without

In accordance with section 251AA of the Corporations Law, the
following information is provided.

RESOLUTION NUMBER                    1                  2

Decided by a show of hands (H)       H                  H

Decided by a Poll (P)

Total number of proxy votes         45,842,779         45,842,779 
Exercisable by proxies validly

Total number of proxies in
Respect of which the Appointments
specified that:

The proxy is to vote for the        41,798,029         41,798,029 

The proxy is to vote against           202,250            202,250 
the resolution 

The proxy is to abstain from the           Nil                Nil 

The proxy may vote at the proxy's    3,842,500          3,842,500 

K Stedman