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Sprint PCS & Telstra sign term deals with Jumbuck

Back Aug 15, 2001
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2001-08-15  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

Wireless Internet applications developer Jumbuck Corporation Ltd (50%
owned by Q Multimedium Limited which will become 100% owned effective
22 August 2001 subject to QMM shareholders approval) today announced
that following successful 6 month test phases it has signed term
contracts with Sprint PCS and Telstra Australia for the hosting and
maintenance of a Wireless Chat service.

Jumbuck Corporation Ltd specializes in hosted WAP, SMS and J2ME
consumer services for mobile operators. It is one of the largest
suppliers of Wireless Chat software and services to telecommunication
companies around the world, delivering over 6,000,000 minutes of
airtime per month.

Sprint PCS' contract has a flat fee per month with a set framework
for revenue-share premium billing enhancements.

Mr John Yudeoski, Sprint PCS Vice President and General Manager, said
"the chat-rooms have exceeded my expectations. Human beings have an
insatiable need to communicate with each other".

The term contract for the hosting and maintenance of a Wireless Chat
service for Telstra, Australia's largest mobile phone company has a
flat fee per month.

The Wireless Chat service is available on the home-deck of the
Telstra WAP portal and is a large contributor to overall WAP traffic
to Telstra. Further discussions are underway with Telstra to bring
more consumer WAP & SMS products to Jumbuck's home market, Australia.

The two successful test periods and subsequent term contracts are in
line with Jumbuck's revenue strategy and has been further
consolidated by the continuing successful test with British Telecom

In its press release on 6 July (Genie Mobile Drives Mobile Internet
Adoption) Genie said:

"This focus on making mobile Internet services easy to use and
relevant to users' interests has resulted in an increase in WAP page
impressions to quarterly average of over 103 million per month, up
37% from the quarter ending March 2001. Examples of popular new
applications include the highly viral WAP Chat, now drawing over 2
million WAP pages impressions daily, as well as celebrity voicemail
greetings and an exhaustive selection of downloadable ringtones and

Jumbuck is involved in continuing negotiations with major Asian,
European and American telecommunications companies.

For further information contact
Mr Kim Stedman
Q Multimedium Limited
Telephone: (08) 9322 2977
Facsimile: (08) 9322 4113