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Genie Brit Telecoms mobile i/net arm signs with QMMs Jumbuck

Back Jun 08, 2001
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2001-06-08  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

Wireless Internet applications developer Jumbuck (50% owned by Q
Multimedium Limited which will become 100% owned effective 30 June
2001 subject to Q shareholder approval) today announced a contract
with Genie, British Telecom's mobile internet portal, to provide
access to their Wireless Chat services.

The contract follows similar deals with Telstra Australia, Globe
Telecom in the Philippines, and giant US carrier Sprint PCS.

Jumbuck will initially provide wireless chat-rooms to Genie for a
fixed fee per month with an intention of launching a premium Jumbuck
wireless service early next year.

The deal with British Telecom's Genie is particularly exciting
because the UK carrier will soon have the capacity to offer customer
micro-billing to wireless service providers such as Jumbuck.
Micro-billing allows Telco's to charge subscribers for Wireless
services such as Jumbuck's chat, on a service provision basis, rather
than charge just for the air-time. The Telco passes a substantial
portion of the service fee on to the service provider.

Micro-billing is at the heart of NTT DoCoMo's highly successful Imode
business in Japan. Imode subscribers select from hundreds of wireless
services such as weather, news, dating etc and pay for them on a
monthly fee basis. Imode has proved to be a substantial source of
additional revenue for NTT DoCoMo, and most Telco's outside Japan
intend to imitate their success in the next year.

Jumbuck's contract with BT Genie is for a six month trial, during
which time the companies intend to offer subscribers a premium
WAP-based Jumbuck service which will be charged on a monthly per-user
basis to customer accounts using micro-billing.