Investor Relations

Appendix 3B - To create general working capital reserve

Back Mar 14, 2001
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2001-03-14  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

                             APPENDIX 3B
                        NEW ISSUE ANNOUNCEMENT


Information or documents not available now must be given to ASX as
soon as available.  Information and documents given to ASX become
ASX's property and may be made public.

Introduced 1/7/96. Origin Appendix 5. Amended 1/7/98, 1/9/99,

Name of Entity
Q Multimedium Limited

13 083 160 909

We (the entity) give ASX the following information.

You must complete the relevant sections (attach sheets if
there is not enough space).

1. Class of securities issued          Ordinary Shares and Options
   or to be issued                                                  
2. Number of securities issued         17,000,000 Ordinary Shares and
   or to be issued (if known)          17,000,000 Options
   or maximum number which                                          
   may be issued                                                    

3. Principal terms of the securities   Refer to section 6 of the
   (eg, if options, exercise price     Prospectus
   and expiry date; if partly paid                                  
   securities, the amount                                           
   outstanding and due dates for                                    
   payment; if convertible securities,                              
   the conversion price and dates                                   
   for conversion)                                                  

4. Do the securities rank equally      The Shares rank equally with
   in all respects from the date       the existing fully paid Ordinar
   of allotment with an existing       Shares and the Options are
   class of quoted securities          granted on the terms set out
                                       in the Prospectus.

   If the additional securities                                     
   do not rank equally, please                                      
   * the date from which they do                                    
   * the extent to which they                                       
     participate for the next                                       
     dividend, (in the case of                                      
     a trust, distribution) or                                      
     interest payment                                               
   * the extent to which they do                                    
     not rank equally, other than                                   
     in relation to the next                                        
     dividend, distribution or                                      
     interest payment                                               

5. Issue price or consideration        11 cents per Share

6. Purpose of the issue (if            To create a general working
   issued as consideration for         capital reserve.
   the acquisition of assets,                                       
   clearly identify those                                           

7. Dates of entering securities        03/05/2001
   into uncertified holdings                                        
   or despatch of certificates                                      
                                      NUMBER  CLASS
8. Number and class of all        62,097,143  Ordinary Shares
   securities quoted on           17,000,000  Options (under
   ASX (including the                         Prospectus)
   securities in clause                                             
   2 if applicable)                                                 

                                      NUMBER  CLASS
9. Number and class of all        22,902,857  Ordinary Shares
   securities not quoted           3,235,000  Options (Director and
   on ASX (including the                      Employee Options)
   securities in clause 2                                           
   if applicable)                                                   

10.Dividend policy (in the case        Refer to Section 6.3 of the
   of a trust, distribution            Prospectus
   policy) on the increased                                         
   capital (interests)                                              


11. Is security holder approval        No

12. Is the issue renounceable          Non-renounceable
    or non-renounceable                                             

13. Ratio in which the securities      1:4
    will be offered                                                 

14. Class of securities to which       Ordinary Shares and Options
    the offer relates                                               

15. Record date to determine           19/03/2001

16. Will holdings on different         No
    registers (or subregisters)                                     
    be aggregated for calculating                                   

17. Policy for deciding entitlements   Fractions will be rounded up
    in relation to fractions           to the nearest whole number.

18. Names of countries in which the    All countries outside Australia
    entity has security holders        and New Zealand being Hong
    who will not be sent new issue     Kong, Indonesia, Great Britain,
    documents                          Netherlands, Singapore and
    Note: Security holders must be                                  
    told how their entitlements                                     
    are to be dealt with.                                           
    Cross reference: rule 7.7.                                      
19. Closing date for receipt of        09/04/2001
    acceptances or renunciations                                    

20. Names of any underwriters          Dicksons Limited

21. Amount of any underwriting fee     Commission of 6% (up to
    or commission                      $112,200 in total).

22. Names of any brokers to the        N/A

23. Fee or commission payable to       N/A
    the broker to the issue                                         

24. Amount of any handling fee         N/A
    payable to brokers who                                          
    lodge acceptances or                                            
    renunciations on behalf                                         
    of security holders                                             

25. If the issue is contingent         N/A
    on security holders'                                            
    approval, the date of                                           
    the meeting                                                     

26. Date entitlement and acceptance    22/03/2001
    form and prospectus will be                                     
    sent to persons entitled                                        

27. If the entity has issued options,  N/A
    and the terms entitle option                                    
    holders to participate on                                       
    exercise, the date on which                                     
    notices will be sent to                                         
    option holders                                                  

28. Date rights trading will begin     N/A
    (if applicable)                                                 

29. Date rights trading will end       N/A
    (if applicable)                                                 

30. How do security holders sell       N/A
    their entitlements in full                                      
    through a broker                                                

31. How do security holders sell       N/A
    part of their entitlements                                      
    through a broker and accept                                     
    for the balance                                                 

32. How do security holders dispose    N/A
    of their entitlements (except                                   
    by sale through a broker)                                       

33. Despatch date                      03/05/2001

You need only complete this section if you are applying for quotation
of securities

34. Type of securities (tick one)

    (a) X  Securities described in Part 1

    (b)    All other securities

Example: restricted securities at the end of the escrowed period, 
partly paid securities that become fully paid, employee incentive 
share securities when restriction ends, securities issued on expiry
or conversion of convertible securities

    Entities that have Ticked Box 34(a)

    Additional Securities Forming a New Class of Securities
    (If the additional securities do not form a new class, go to 43)

    Tick to indicate you are providing the information or documents

35. X  The names of the 20 largest holders of the additional 
         securities, and the number and percentage of 
         additional securities held by those holders

36. X  A distribution schedule of the additional securities 
         setting out the number of holders in the categories
         1 - 1,000
         1,001 - 5,000
         5,001 - 10,000
         10,001 - 100,000
         100,001 - and over

37.    A copy of any trust deed for the additional securities
(now go to 43)

    Entities that have Ticked Box 34 (b)

    Items 38 to 42 are Not Applicable



43. Payment method (tick one)

    X  Cheque attached

       Electronic payment made
       Note: Payment may be made electronically if Appendix 3B is 
             given to ASX electronically at the same time.
       Periodic payment as agreed with the home branch has been 
       Note: Arrangements can be made for employee incentive 
             schemes that involve frequent issues of securities.


1.  Quotation of our additional securities is in ASX's absolute 
    discretion. ASX may quote the securities on any conditions it 

2.  We warrant to ASX that the issue of the securities to be quoted
    complies with the law and is not for an illegal purpose, and that
    there is no reason why those securities should not be granted
    quotation. We warrant to ASX that an offer of the securities for
    sale within 12 months after their issue will not require
    disclosure under section 707(3) of the Corporations Law.

3.  We will indemnify ASX to the fullest extent permitted by law in
    respect of any claim, action or expense arising from or connected
    with any breach of the warranties in this agreement.

4.  We give ASX the information and documents required by this form.
    If any information or document not available now, will give it to
    ASX before quotation of the securities begins. We acknowledge that
    ASX is relying on the information and documents. We warrant that
    they are (will be) true and complete.

K Stedman