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Announces deal with GranadaWest

Back Nov 24, 2000
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2000-11-24  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

E-commerce solutions provider Q Multimedium Ltd (QMM) today announced
the signing of a contract with GranadaWest, a joint venture between
Screen West Inc and the Granada Media Group. The contract requires
QMM to provide a complete Technical Specification for a Digital Asset
Management system being developed by GranadaWest. The contract also
grants QMM "first negotiation" rights for provision of services to
implement the findings of the Technical Specification.

The Digital Asset Management System will be used to digitise,
catalogue and distribute on-line, factual content and other digital
assets from Granada's and other archival sources. The venture to be
known as GranadaWest Digital will also commission WA filmmakers to
produce programs based on the library content for a range of media
applications. Users of the web-enabled system will include media
networks, TV production houses, ad agencies, news services and
educational establishments.

Q Multimedium will research, develop and write a complete Technical
Specification for the system. The specification will identify the
processes, skills, equipment, software, personnel and facilities
required for the operation of the system.

GranadaWest chose QMM because of their technical, commercial and
marketing expertise. The deal demonstrates QMM's commitment to
providing innovative e-commerce solutions.

For further information contact: 

Raphe Patmore 
08 9322 2977