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Associate signs deal with Phillipines Telco

Back Aug 29, 2000
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2000-08-29  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) software and systems developer,
Jumbuck Corporation Ltd (50% owned by public listed Q Multimedium
Ltd), today announced the signing of a key contract with major
Philippines telco, Globe Telecom. Globe is a wholly owned subsidiary
of Asian telecommunications giant Ayala Corp0

The contract will see Jumbuck's WAP Chat system in operation on
Globe's extensive mobile phone network throughout the Philippines
from September this year. Globe has a mobile subscriber base of 1.8
million, which is larger than Optus and Vodaphone (Australia)

The deal between Jumbuck and Globe includes revenue earned on a per
message basis with a guaranteed fixed minimum fee to Jumbuck.

The Philippines is regarded as the mobile phone text messaging
al of the world, evidenced last year when Globe reported Short
Message Service (SMS) traffic at 14 million messages per day, much
higher than North America with 600,000 per day and Australia with 
1 million per day.

Compared to the restrictive SMS system, WAP technology provides
greater flexibility and more efficient information delivery to mobile
phone users. Because there is already a proven willingness to use
text messaging in the Philippines, it is envisaged that the
roduction and take-up of WAP will be enormous. This potential was
realised in May this year when leading internet search engine, Yahoo,
partnered with Globe to provide Filipinos with Yahoo internet content
via WAP service.

The deal presents Jumbuck with another opportunity in the global WAP
market and augers well for current negotiations underway with similar
telcos around the world. It is estimated that there will be over 
200 million people accessing internet content on WA0
P by 2003, far
exceeding numbers accessing the internet by PC. Mobile phones are
more portable, more convenient and less expensive therefore the
growth in this market will be great, especially in the Asian region.
WAP usage is already well established in Europe and Japan. Globe's
WAP chatrooms will operate on Jumbuck's proprietary software and will
be hosted on our server in Melbourne.

Jim Kennedy, Managing Director of Q Multimedium Ltd, said "Our
investment and involvement 0
in Jumbuck is very complementary to our
core multimedia business. Particularly so with the next generation
(G3) WAP technology that will see mobile phones displaying full
internet style moving graphics that we can produce. We anticipate
growing demand for WAP services in Australia and the South East Asian
region, particularly with WAP enabled internet websites. Through
QMM's Australian and Singapore operations, we are well positioned to
profit from this growth.


Jumbuck launched the world's first WAP chatroom in 1999 and now
operates the largest GSM-based chatroom on the internet, recording
2.8 million page impressions in July.

Raphe Patmore, Director QMM, said "Jumbuck is currently offering WAP
based Chat facilities and software to end-users and mobile operators.
The company is using this experience to develop the software and
systems required to provide complex WAP hosting services for
enterprises with mission-critical0
 wireless operations. Jumbuck
intends to offer sophisticated system and network management
solutions, which will include WAP site performance, monitoring and
measurement services".

Jumbuck have a range of WAP services and software at various stages
of development which will be marketed to telcos and corporations
throughout the world.

For further information please contact:

Raphe Patmore 
Tel 08 9322 2977