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Back Aug 18, 2000
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Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2000-08-18  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

We have now entered a new financial year and I am pleased to take this
opportunity to provide you with a brief overview of how Q Multimedium 
is placed as we go forward.

The year ahead presents an excellent opportunity for this company to
forge its way as a leader in the multimedia industry. With advances
 technology and with industry in general having a better
understanding of e-commerce applications, QMM is well positioned to
take advantage of the market's needs. In particular, our Melbourne
and Singapore operations have been strengthened with additional
multimedia designers and programmers being reassigned from QMM in

Our digital imaging division continues to provide the company with
strong revenue and our forecasts in this area are very good.

I believe the year ah0
ead will provide exciting opportunities for QMM
as we build on our strong reputation and make big inroads into the
Australian and Singapore markets.

Please take the time to read the Information in this newsletter and 
also visit our website at

J Kennedy