Investor Relations

Change in substantial holding

Back Aug 17, 2000
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2000-08-17  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

Dicksons Limited decreased its relevant interest in Q Multimedium
Limited on 16/08/2000, from 43,885,143 ordinary shares (64.54%) to
31,474,287 ordinary shares(46.33%).

The Dickson Group has no legal or beneficial interest in the shares
referred to above, but Dicksons had a deemed relevant interest in the
ares pursuant to disposal and voting restrictions applying as part
of escrow undertakings provided by seed capitalists to Dicksons in
connection with the float of the Company (and other members of the
Dicksons Group, as associates of Dicksons under section 9 of the
Corporations Law, had deemed voting power in the relevant shares).

The disposal restrictions only applied to 31,474,287 of the shares,
but the voting restrictions (which prevented holders voting in favour
of propo0
sals which could lead to a disposal of any shares the subject
of the disposal restrictions) originally applied to all of the

The reduction in the voting power of Dicksons Group shown above
arises from the fact that voting restrictions have ceased to apply to
shares not subject to disposal restrictions (see Annexure A). The
disposal restrictions continue to apply to the same 31,474,287 shares
originally subject to those restrictions, and voting restrictions (as
ed above) continue to apply to those shares. These restrictions
apply until 30/06/2001 (subject to provisions allowing earlier
disposals in limited permitted circumstances, including under a
takeover or under a sale for cash consideration of at least 80 cents
per share occurring after 01/01/2001).