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Appointment of New Distributor for Q Sports Disqs

Back Jul 11, 2000
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2000-07-11  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

Following a review of the market penetration of the Q Sport AFL
Disqs, Q Multimedium have appointed a new Australia-wide, distributor
that will see the discs available in more retail outlets.

WA based Artique Designs have been chosen to distribute the discs
from July 2000. Artique Designs distribute product 0
to the gift
industry through more than 2000 outlets around the country including
retailers in major shopping centres. Gift shops like Granny Mays,
Thingz and What's New, major department stores including Target and K
Mart as well as card shops, sporting stores and newsagents in high
traffic areas will be offered stock through the new distributor.

QMM Sales and Marketing Manager, Ray Wardrop, said "Artique are a
company with well established clients in high profile locations.0

Their distribution network is greater than we've had in the past and
through them the Q Sport Disqs will be retailed through very
appropriate outlets, places where people would expect to find such a
collectable gift item."

The soon-to-be-released Australian Cricket Team discs will also be
distributed through Artique Designs.

For further information please contact:

Ray Wardrop 
Tel 08 9322 2977