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Further ann re Release of Q Sport Mini Discs

Back Mar 21, 2000
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2000-03-21  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

Further to previous statements that referred to the development of
our Q Sport mini discs, Q Multimedium is pleased to confirm the
commercial release of the first Q Sport CD-ROM interactive mini discs
featuring Australian Football League players.

Sixteen players, one from each club, are featured in the first0

release of 16 CD-ROM's throughout Australia to Harvey Norman, Myer,
Toys 'R Us, Electronic Boutique and They will also be
available from other software stockists, AFL clubs and AFL licensed
outlets. Priced at $9.95 the mini discs are initially being targeted
at the 7-14 youth market but the expectation is they will have wide
appeal to sports fans of all ages.

Sport cards have been one of the great collectibles and there is
potential for the mini discs, which are0
 an electronic version, to be
even more popular.

Q Sport mini CD ROMs include career and personal information of the
profiled sports player, video footage, and hotlinks to the Internet
which allow the product to be updated and therefore extend its
usability considerably. From the commercial viewpoint, Q Sport discs
offer multiple revenue streams through retail sales, sponsorship,
online advertising and e-commerce opportunities.

Q Multimedium has a similar licensing agreemen0
t with the Australian
Cricket Board and will shortly start production of the first run of
cricket player discs.

In January, Q Multimedium signed a three year exclusive contract with
UK-based Midas Interactive Entertainment to develop and produce the
master mini CD ROM player profiles for 50 English FA national soccer
team players and 25 UK Super League Rugby team players.

Q Multimedium has spent over 18 months in intense R&D developing the
Q Sport disc user interface and un0
derlying technology.