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Signing of Contract with Midas Interactive Entertainment BV

Back Jan 20, 2000
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         2000-01-20  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

Q Multimedium Ltd (QMM) wishes to announce that it has signed a
contract with Midas Interactive Entertainment BV to develop a range
of Q Sport mini CD ROMs for the international market. This agreement
was foreshadowed in an announcement by QMM to the ASX dated 19
January 2000 in which QMM advised that it was 0
in the final stages of

Under the terms of the exclusive 3-year contract, QMM will develop
and produce the master mini CD ROM player profiles for 50 English FA
national soccer team players and 25 UK Super League Rugby team
players. Midas Interactive Entertainment will be responsible for the
duplication, packaging, distribution and worldwide marketing of the
mini CD ROMs. The contract provides for advance payments and
royalties from Midas to Q Multimedium Ltd. QM0
M will also receive a
percentage of any advertising or sponsorship endorsement revenue
derived from the mini CD ROMs. First delivery of product from QMM to
Midas is required by March 30th 2000. Both parties have limited
rights of termination in the agreement.

Midas Interactive Entertainment are based in Cambridge UK with
offices in Germany, Holland and Australia. Midas distributes a range
of interactive computer games in CD ROM and Sony PlayStation(TM)

Q Multimedium0
's Q Sport mini CD ROMs are the electronic version of
sports collector cards. However unlike printed cards the discs
include video footage of the profiled sports player and provide many
opportunities for the user to interact with the content.

Q Multimedium Ltd has licensing agreements with the Australian
Football League and the Australian Cricket Board to produce Q Sport
Mini Discs player profiles. The first AFL player profiles are
expected to be available in retail outlets 0
by the end of January
2000, and are expected to sell for less than $10.