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Year 2000 advice

Back Dec 15, 1999
Q MULTIMEDIUM LIMITED                         1999-12-15  ASX-SIGNAL-G

HOMEX - Perth                                                         

In response to the ASX letter dated 17 November 1999 regarding
potential exposure to Year 2000 problems, we respond as follows:

1. Details of your company's exposure to the Year 2000 problem 


This company makes extensive use of computers and "computer
dependent" equipment such as imagesetters, a 0
digital camera, scanners
and digital printing equipment in its production process.

Exposure to the Year 2000 problem in this area is however not
considered to be critical for the following reasons:

Most of the computers are Apple Macintosh and this equipment has been
Year 2000 compliant since 1984.

Certain items of equipment, such as the HP Designjet printers used
for proofing and poster production do not have any dated related
processing. This has been confirmed by their 0

We have obtained assurances from the suppliers of the digital
printing press that this equipment is Year 2000 compliant in
accordance with the guidelines of the Australian/NZ standard
definition of Conformance SAA/SNZ MP 77 DISC PD2000-1:1997.

Our DOS based computers have been checked for Year 2000 compliance by
external organisations. Those that were found to be non-compliant
will be upgraded or replaced before 31 December 1999 to ensure Year
2000 compliance.


Design Software

Software used on the Apple Macintosh equipment does not have dated
based functionality and is therefore Year 2000 compliant.

Microsoft Software

Applications such as Microsoft Windows, Excel and Word is being
upgraded to Year 2000 compliant versions where necessary. This
process will be completed by 31 December 1999.

Accounting Software

The current accounting and payroll system used by the company is
MYOB. The manufacturer has stated that this sy0
stem is Year 2000
compliant. Accounting software is backed up daily.


Where possible, assurances have been obtained from suppliers that
their systems are Year 2000 compliant and that supplies will not be
interrupted. We have no way of verifying the accuracy of this
information and have not been able to obtain assurances from all

All of our production and accounting is carried out using electronic
equipment and therefore the operation of the business is 0
dependant on
the ongoing supply of electricity and to some extent on access to
telecommunications services (Internet access, ISDN lines etc).


We have no control over Year 2000 compliance of our customers,
however we have "hard copies" of all invoices and statements issued
to customers and will be able to provide them with copies should the
need arise.

2. Provide details of what the company is doing to reduce its
   potential exposure to the Year 2000 problem.

e company has addressed its potential exposure to the Year 2000
problem by seeking assurances from the suppliers of its equipment,

software and raw materials as to the compliance of the equipment and
as to the compliance of the suppliers systems.

External consultants have been engaged to test the computer equipment
used both in the production and finance area's of the business to
establish whether this equipment is Year 2000 compliant or not. Where
necessary, equipment and 0
software, has either been, or will be
upgraded or replaced to ensure Year 2000 compliance.

Year 2000 compliance has not been an expensive undertaking as most of
the equipment and software is relatively new and was therefore
already compliant or else does not have date based functionality.

3. Are their area's of your company activities where, in your
   company's assessment material Year 2000 risks will remain after the
   company is activities to address the Year 2000 probl0
em are 

To date the company has not identified any material Year 2000 risks
which will remain after completion of its Year 2000 activities other
than those beyond our control, such as continued supply of utilities
like power and telecommunications.

4. Please describe your company is contingency plan in relation to
   Year 2000 issues

Back up all accounting data on 31 December 1999. Print hard copies of
all ledgers, cashbook's, payroll etc at 31 December 19990

Should you require any further information please contact me on (08)

B Robinson